Teaching Staff




GY 010920083504GY 010920083607GY 010920084103GY 010920083438

Miss Koymen, Mrs Williams-Packer, Miss Hesson-Channer and Miss Lea-Redmond

 Year One

GY 010920082701MJ 030918084902GY 010920082738GY 010920082634GY 010920083035

Mrs Williams, Mrs Roberts, Miss Wildon, Miss Yeomans, and Mrs Simpson

 Year Two

GY 010920083426TM 040917082155HD 020919082651GY 010920083006

Mrs Mills, Mrs Naraine, Miss Coates and Mr Lacken-Whelan

 Year Three

GY 010920082156GY 010920082136GY 010920081944GY 010920082228

Miss Louis, Miss Singh, Miss Tsang and Mrs Haq

 Year Four

GY 010920082613GY 010920084959GY 010920083720GY 010920084223

Miss Cullen, Miss Edmondson, Miss Stewart and Mr Zada

 Year Five

GY 010920083810GY 010920084419GY 010920084403TM 040917082058

Mrs Carlil, Mr Devey, Mrs Begum and Mrs McDonagh

 Year Six

GY 010920082555GY 010920084307GY 010920083150GY 010920083209GY 010920083834

Miss O'Neill, Miss Gumbs , Miss Cracolici, Mr Hooper and Mr Christie