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 Mrs S Roberts

I have been teaching at Greenholm for over 12 years and I am currently responsible for the EYFS.  Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Miss J Evans

I have worked in early years and education for over 12 years and have spent two of these years at Greenholm. I am currently responsible for the dance curriculum. I enjoy keeping fit and travelling.

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Miss Z Yeomans

I have been working with children for the past four years across both key stages and I love teaching Year 1 phonics. In my spare time I enjoy ice skating and reading as many books as I can.


Mrs C Russell-Mayne

I have worked at Greenholm since 2005, mostly in year one which I love. My passion in year one is phonics and teaching children to read. I also enjoy photography and dancing.

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 Mrs R Bliss

I'm Rona and I'm Scottish. I love animals and have two mad dogs, two equally mad horses and two fairly normal children.
I like to be Outdoors, but only because I spend most of my free time chasing animals of some sort!
I have been at Greenholm for over a few years and wouldn't swap it for anywhere else! 

 Mrs J Dean

I have held several positions within school since starting in 1999 as a dinner supervisor. I took my NVQ at Greenholm and went on to become an intergration assistant for a child with a medical need. I have worked in Rec, Y1 to Y4. I believe that Greenholm is a great school. It's good being part of team Greenholm.