Year Six Homework


In Year 6 we have a long term piece of work that we will be doing across the autumn term. Please use the link below:

Autumn Term Choice


Half Term Spellings


Mr Christie Numeracy Homework
Due: Wednesday 7th November

Multiplication Word Problems

  1.  Ava buys 5 bunches of flowers. Each bunch costs £2.75. How much does she pay altogether?
  2.  In Chestnut class, the children do a sponsored hop for Sports Relief. 17 children hop 54m and 12 children hop 62m. How far in metres did they hop altogether?
  3.  In the library, there are three large bookcases each with 8 shelves. If each shelf can take 47 books, how many books are there in the library?
  4.  Mia went to gift shop and bought 4 presents each costing £6.84. She paid £28.68. Was she charged the correct amount?
  5.  215 people buy tickets for the school play. They pay £1.95 each for the tickets. How much money did the school raise?
  6.  The Olympic cycling team is training hard. They each cycle 126km every day for 15 days. There are 8 people on the team. What is the total distance they cycled in the 15 days?
  7.  Ben and Emily are decorating the hall ready for Christmas dinner. Each table needs a piece of tinsel 1.85m long. There are 6 tables. How long would the tinsel be if they put all the pieces together?