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 Miss C Louis

I have been at Greenholm since 2001. I love music and singing.

Miss R Stewart

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 Miss N Yaseen

I enjoy face painting and do a lot of charity work. I am a proud mum to three children and feel blessed in every way. l also work as a care assistant to dementia patients which is a privilege to give something back to our most needy in our community. I also adore cats and have six cats of my own.

Miss E Tsang

I am the music coordinator and I am part of the literacy and arts team. I also co-run the Greenholm choir. 

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Miss S Gumbs

 I teach PE across the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching a range of PE sports such as dance, gymnastics, netball, hockey and football. I have been teaching at Greenholm since September 2010. My main passion is athletics. I compete, coach and team manage for Birchfield Harriers athletics club.