Literacy Overview


At Greenholm, we want our children to leave as confident and competent readers and writers ready for the next stages in their learning. We also aim to foster a lifelong love of reading and an enthusiasm for writing, through rich and diverse curriculum experiences.

‘Together we Believe to Achieve’reading


At Greenholm:

  • We have a cross curricular approach to teaching provides pupils with lots of opportunities to practice and rehearse their literacy skills in different contexts for different purposes.
  • Speaking and listening is given high priority and is embedded through all of our teaching and learning.
  • Pupils are taught to use language in formal and informal contexts so they can have a deeper, more meaningful level of collaborative conversation, deepening their own and others knowledge and understanding.
  • The literacy curriculum follows the national curriculum programmes of study and is planned so that pupils build upon skills progressively but are also given time and opportunity to practice, consolidate and use and their apply their skills in a wide variety of contexts.
  • Heavy emphasis is placed on the immersion in texts, both fiction and non-fiction, where texts and authors have been carefully selected to ensure the pupils receive the richest of literacy experiences.