Children look critically at times in the past and use the information gathered to reflect on how things have changed, how they can be improved upon and the impact that these events will have on the future. This is done using photographs, artifacts, pictures, visiting places such as The British Museum’ or Shugborough Hall, and through taking part in theme days where the children dress up and apply their knowledge in a real life situations.

They also develop their understanding of where we live through learning about our immediate locality and countries around the world. This includes topics on Conservation, Sustainability and the Environment. Many resources are used such as maps, photographs, globes, graphs and tables. We endeavour to develop an enquiring mind through investigative work, discussion, observation and, where possible, fieldwork.    A sustained project in Sierra Leone, as well as new links with a school in Cambodia, has supported the children in developing a global understanding.

Citizenship plays an important part in the teaching of this area of the curriculum, developing the skills and understanding they need to develop into responsible citizens.