Year 5 Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn Term Newsletter

September 2019

We are really looking forward to the new year and have had a really positive start to life in year 5. The children have really thrived as they have moved over to their new classrooms in the Jubilee block.

The forthcoming term will be very busy as we start working on our new theme- To infinity and Beyond!

To infinity and beyond will cover history and geography elements including planets, earth, sun and moon as well as the Ancient Greeks and the part they played in discoveries in the solar system as well as their beliefs in gods and goddesses.

  • In literacy, we will be studying ancient Greek myths as well as myths from other cultures. The focus will be on writing to entertain, while using our year 5 grammar and punctuation. We will broaden our vocabulary by reading a variety of myths and use this vocab to ensure our writing is at the expected level in year 5.
  • In numeracy the focus will be on the basics of number which includes place value, rounding, negative numbers etc. to provide a firm foundation for progress across the rest of the year.  
  • In science our main focus this term will be linked to our theme and will cover space, the planets and the part scientists have played in discoveries which mean we now have a greater understanding of the solar system.
  • In guided reading we will be focusing on a variety of texts which will cover range and breadth to support the children in developing their reading skills.

In year 5 the children will have P.E on Wednesdays and will need their P.E kits in school, ready for this session.

Homework will be handed out on Fridays and will need to be completed and handed in on Wednesdays.

We look forward to working with you to support your child’s learning next year.

Mrs Carlill, Miss Singh and Mr Hooper.

Year 5 teachers.