Year 5 Newsletter

Year 5 Autumn Term Newsletter

September 2018

We trust the children are looking forward to starting the new school year and returning to school, in September, for their first term in Year 5.

Our Theme focus for the term will be ‘Villains across history’, which will be linked to all areas across the curriculum, with our first Theme topic focusing on The Vikings and Changing States in Science. ]

We are planning to arrange a workshop for the children to learn all about the Vikings. This will allow them to investigate Viking artefacts, learn about key historical events and take part in a range of Viking activities. We plan for this to take plan in the first weeks of term.

PE will take place every Tuesday, so please make sure PE kits are in school at the start of every week. At times, the timetable may need to change, so we ask children to ensure they have their PE kits in school at all times.

Alongside this, we will be giving the children plenty of opportunities to consolidate and extend their learning in the core areas of reading, writing and numeracy, through a number of exciting activities.

  • In literacy, we will be focusing on spellings and sentence structure, teaching the application of these through narratives, with a view to writing their own by the end of the unit.
  • In numeracy we will be consolidating the basics of place value and the calculation methods for the four operations.   
  • In PE, we will be learning different skills and techniques used within dance.
  • In science, our main focus this term will be on materials and their changing states (i.e. reversible and non-reversible changes). The children will be able to conduct lots of fun experiments to help them understand these changes.
  • In guided reading we will be focusing on a variety of texts which will cover range and breadth to support the children in developing their reading skills. The majority of texts will also link to our villains topic and include Frankenstein, Dracula, Erik The Viking and Norse Tales.

Homework will be handed out on Fridays and will need to be completed and handed in on the following Wednesday.

Spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays and the teachers will go through the numeracy homework with the children to address any problems they may have had when they completed it.

We look forward to working with you, to support your child’s learning in this important initial term.

Miss Lycett           Miss O’Neill           Miss Cracolici

Year 5 teachers